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Here are some musical works of my own and collaborations I have been a part of. I hope you can enjoy and be a part of the journey as I continue to grow and learn and share heart and art!

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Songs I Wrote This Year

This is a collection of songs I wrote throughout my freshman year of college on my own and with talented friends and collaborators Sammi Accola, Sam Salisbury, Jessie Wyzgowski, and Jaan Harrison Kohm. It was produced by my musical grandfather Milo Deering, who lives his best life playing any and every instrument for the likes of the Dixie Chicks and the Eagles.



A fun,  HAIM-inspired girl boss summer bop I co-wrote with my roommate and dear friend, Summerlyn Powers. What's wrong with not wanting anything serious, but being a little curious?

Curious Cover.heic


Something Like Magnolia

A little fixer-upper inspired Bluegrass number! It's been a joy to sing this song with the Belmont Bluegrass Ensemble for two years now. I love a good metaphor for anything, but specifically this one about relationships being something that you build on top of the tear downs. 


In Another Life 

I had the privilege to co-write with another talented friend and roommate Sammi Accola. An introspective song about how the future could look different.

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