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Blogs for The Well Women's Ministry


As a lover of words, I enjoy putting them together in any bite-sized, digestible form, from a song to an essay. Here are some paradoxes I've enjoyed pondering for the Well Women's Ministry, based in Dallas, TX.


Healing from the Wounds

Contemplating the story of Doubting Thomas in a new lens-remembering it is never about our faith but the strength of the Lord's faithfulness


Getting Lost 

A look at the wilderness and the way the Lord is at work in "middle moments", the places where we feel on the wrong side of  a blessing


Trusting God means Trusting His people too 

Taking a good look at our shame through the lens of the gospel and what the Bible has to say about love and unity


Kids Again

Thinking about the freedom found in dependence in the middle of an individualistic  world 

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